Lumbini Province Government

Ministry of Agriculture and Land Management

Directorate of Agriculture Development

Seed Labrotary

Khajura, Banke



With the intention of increasing production and productivity by distributing and using quality seed products, it was established in the year 2035 under the name of Seed Testing Laboratory under the then Agriculture Center Nepalgunj. After that, in the financial years 2049 and 2050, according to the organizational structure of the Ministry of Agriculture, it was named Regional Vision Laboratory as a separate entity. This laboratory is located in Khajura under Nepaganj in Wake District, Bheri Zone of Central Western Development Zone. The administrative and technical control of this laboratory was under the Directorate of Development under the Department of Agriculture.

         After the Government of Nepal went to the Union Province, this laboratory has been formally known as Weu Vision Laboratory since B.S. This laboratory is currently working in Wake Wardia Dang Pyuthan East Rukum and Rolmapa under Province No. 5.


According to the verification method, seed crop inspection of farmers or organizations producing seeds, collection of seed samples and testing of seeds, and issuance of certificates if the prescribed standards are found.

• To test the seeds of the farmers or organizations that produce seeds according to the actual label method and issue certificates of quality seeds.

• To provide technical and coordination support for the production and availability of different levels of seeds.

• To prepare and implement guidelines and procedures according to policies, laws and regulations related to seeds and to coordinate and consult with other concerned bodies of seeds.

• To prepare the balance sheet of seeds at the state level and provide necessary support in the work of providing quality seeds including seed management.

• To spread the necessary public awareness about quality seed production, management and sales distribution in coordination with the concerned agencies through various trainings/seminars.

• To provide technical support for seed production and issuance of tags at the local level and within the state.